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The choice of prestigious boat builders worldwide
At PBT, our goal is to design and fabricate the finest, most meticulous product in our industry. As you will see below, our finished products speak for themselves.
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Side Profile
66' F&S Boat Works
F&S Boat Works / 66' - 0"
PBT installed an 8ft gap polished pipe tower on this stylish 66' F&S. As you will notice all the tower bracing and supports are curved and contoured to match the style of the boat. Some of the items we installed on the hardtop were our stepped radar pod with the dome extension off the back, recessed tri-colored lights, (4) teasers reels and brackets, drop down box and nav lights. We also installed tri-colored lights on the underside of the platform and tower sunshade. You will also notice the Satin Black colored painted on the tower sunshade and top of the 63" control box to reduce the glare off the water while in the tower.
A set of 46'- 4 spreader Rupp hydraulic outriggers was also installed with Rupp rollers on the spreader.
Side Profile
66'c Spencer Yachts
Spencer Yachts / 66' - 0"
PBT was on the road again to North Carolina to install a new custom tower package for AVID billfish angler Jose Valdes Jr. on his new 66' Spencer "Mojito". PBT worked closely with Jose and his crew to design the ultimate 9' Gap tower. Our pipes, braces and fiberglass parts were all curved & contoured to provide a perfect fit to the curved and angled lines of this Spencer. All of the fiberglass parts were built using carbon fiber and the (2) teaser reel brackets were custom designed to slide down on tracks from inside the radar pod to below the hardtop to provide Capt. Tito with total control of the reels & lines. From push buttons at the helm, they can control the 48'- 4 spreader hydraulic outriggers so they can be laid out to provide the team with the perfect bait spread. (6) Aft tower leg rod holders were set to the exact height and angle that the crew requested. PBT is very proud to have worked with this awesome team and closely with Spencer Yachts on this project.

When you see "Mojito" in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic or St. Thomas, take a close look at the details of this impressive tower.
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67' Mann Boat Works "Royal Flush"
Paul Mann / 67' - 0"
The hardtop frame and hardtop received several new items. One being our new hardtop crown, custom recessed hydro switches outboard on either side and hydraulic outriggers. We also installed (2) sat domes with our large stepped radar pod on top of the har
Side Profile
67'c F&S
"! Ay Caranba!"
F&S Boat Works / 67' - 0"
This 8' gap tower tower received our (4) teaser reel setup with sliding door, easy access aft platform cut outs, 46'-6" 4 spreader Rupp "Bigg Riggs" and our newest 63" control box. We also installed the Hydro locking arms for the outriggers as well as the custom bridge ladder.
Side profile
68'c Bayliss Boat Works "SEVEN"
Bayliss Boat Works / 68' - 0"
This 9' Gap tower came with multiple custom options including Bayliss supplied radar pod to support slider teaser reel door and drop down radio box. Other tower options were aft legs returned into the side of the house and hardtop recessed speakers.
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68'c Jim Smith
Jim Smith / 68' - 0"
PBT removed the original hardtop & frame off of the boat and replaced it with a 9' gap tower. We installed tri-colored LED lights, nav lights, LED spreader lights, sliding teaser reel door and many other standard item we would normally mount on a 68'c. As for the outriggers, we re-used the current ones on the boat and just remounted them to follow the front leg of tower.
Side Profile
68'c Bayliss Boat Works "Uno Mas"
Bayliss Boat Works / 68' - 0"
The tower on this 68'c was a 9' Gap with all Carbon Fiber fiberglass parts. We fitted the hardtop with Bayliss custom radar pod, our brand new stationary recessed radio box, misters and hydro riggers. The tower sunshade was fitted with a custom SAT Dome
Forward perspective view running
68'c Bayliss Boat Works "BudMan"
Bayliss Boat Works / 68' - 0"
This 9' gap tower has come with several custom options including Bayliss supplied radar pod, hardtop speakers, tower aft legs returned into the side of the house and 43'-3 spreader outriggers.
Side Profile View Running
68'c Weaver Boat Works "Happi Daze"
Weaver Boat Works / 68' - 0"
This is a 9' gap tower with 43'- 3 spreader outriggers and several of our standard options.
Side Profile View
68'c Buddy Davis
Buddy Davis / 68' - 0"
This 10' gap tower received a set of 43' Rupp "Bigg Riggs" outriggers, custom bridge ladder and many more of our standard options.
Side View
69'c Spencer Yacht
"Da Bait"
Spencer Yachts / 69' - 0"
PBT was back in North Carolina in April to install a custom 9' gap tower package on the first 69' Spencer "Da Bait" for avid Billfish angle Jeff Cohen and Capt. Curt Lind. The boat spends most of the year at Los Suenos and the remaining time in St. Thomas, So Curt spends much of his day in the tower. To accommodate all of his needs up top, we installed a dedicated pair of electric teaser reels under the buggy top, offset the wheel & controls to the STBD side. This allowed us to provide him with a large recessed electronics box to hold various units including 12" display, plus CAT engine displays. To eliminate glare from the sun, PBT painted the entire buggy top frame and fiberglass underside Satin Black. The final custom piece was a wrapped belly band cushion for extra padded comfort. With the various size tackle this customer needs for fishing throughout the world, they required an additional rod storage, which PBT molded into the hardtop to hold (10) rods & reels plus gaffs. Also designed into the hardtop was a recessed electronics box, recess opening to hold (4) electric teaser reels and a Satin painted underside. Rupp's 48'- 4 spreader hydraulic outriggers were installed to provide the ultimate spread, along with (6) rod holders on the tower aft legs. LED spreader lights and tri colored accent lights provided bright lighting throughout the tower.

When you see "Da Bait" in Costa Rica and St. Thomas, take a close look at PBT's curved pipes and contoured fiberglass parts that provide a perfect fit to the Spencer styling.
Side Profile View
70'EB F&S Boat Works
F&S Boat Works / 70' - 0"
This 7' gap polished pipe enclosed bridge tower received 3" front legs and traditional ladder style aft legs. The tower also has 3 in1 quartz light aft, nav lights, 60" control box and 50'- 4 spreader Rupp "Bigg Riggs" outriggers.
Side Profile
70'c Wanchese Boat Works
Wanchese / 70' - 0"
This 9' Gap tower received a 60" control box, 43-3 spreader hydro outriggers, tri-colored lights and the pipe to be polished. We also built a custom hardtop radio box to support electronics and an air flow box per the customers request.
Side Profile
71'c Jim Smith
"Fish On"
Jim Smith / 71' - 0"
PBT brought their talents up to Stuart, FL this spring to install a state-of-the-art custom designed tower on the latest Jim Smith Tournament boat "FISH ON". While working closely with owner Rob Kathary, President of Jim Smith Boats, John Vance and Capt. Elliot Cline, the PBT team spent months discussing every one of the owners needs in their tower package for fishing throughout the world. Detailed 2D & 3D CAD drawings where supplied to design the perfect 10' gap tower and electronic equipment for the overhead recessed box and control box. The large Night Vision/Search lightwas custom molded on the underside of the platform along with five molded LED spreader lights. Other features include a custom SATIN finished anodized pipe, ALL fiberglass parts were fabricated using Carbon Fiber material, black buggy top to reduce glare and the underside of the custom hardtop was finished with a low maintenance SATIN non-skid paint. Congratulations to Rob and the crew of "FISH ON" for winning the Bermuda Triple Crown Tournament Series.
Side Profile
72'c F&S Boatworks
"You Never Know"
F&S Boat Works / 72' - 0"
This "Contour Edition" 72'c F&S hardtop frame is the 1st frame PBT has built with all curved pipe for that Ultimate custom look. The hardtop came complete with nav lights, stepped radar pod with SAT dome insert, teaser reels, drop down box and an addition
Side Profile
73' Bayliss Boat Works
"Shark Byte"
Bayliss Boat Works / 73' - 0"
PBT installed several new custom options on this 11' gap tower that we tailored for the owner and captain on Shark Byte. The first item we created was a single larger recessed box for our 63" control box with the steering wheel off to the starboard side. The next item we created for them, was a cuved aft side door for the teaser reel and drop down box lids. Finally we installed Bayliss's custom radar pod that was specifically altered to fit our hardtop componenents. Other standard items that we installed on this tower include easy access openings on the platform, nav lights, tri-colored LED nav lights, LED spreader lights and bridge ladder.

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