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The choice of prestigious boat builders worldwide
At PBT, our goal is to design and fabricate the finest, most meticulous product in our industry. As you will see below, our finished products speak for themselves.
Please feel free to contact us to build your next tower.
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Side Profile
56'c F&S Boat Works
F&S Boat Works / 56' - 0"
This 6' gap polished pipe tower received a 60" belly band, curved bracing & supports, our standard drop down box and (4) teaser reels in the hardtop. We also installed custom pop up cleats on the topside of the hardtop per the owners request. All the fiberglass parts were painted a seperate color on the undersides as well as adding our new Maxillume LED spreader lights to the platform. The riggers that were installed were 41'- 3 spreader Rupp "Bigg Riggs".
Side Profile
56' Paul Mann "Qualifier"
Paul Mann / 56' - 0"
This custom hardtop and frame received a custom stationary radio box w/ acrylic lid and the underside of the hardtop was painted with a colored non-skid texture.
Side Profile
57'c Spencer "Trophy Box"
Spencer Yachts / 57' - 0"
PBT traveled to North Carolina to install a new custom tower package for the consistent tournament winning team of Gray Ingram and Capt Ronnie Fields. Gray just completed a new 57’ Spencer named “Trophy Box” and chose the talents of PBT to provide him with a tower designed to pursue billfish throughout the world. This 7’ gap tower fit perfect to the angled and curved lines of this Spencer. In working closely with Capt. Ron, we designed in our 60” belly ring, with center jump seat, so he could lock himself in with comfort on rougher days. His 12” Garmin display is recessed & protected in our curved control box. Other features include 5 LED spreader lights, Recessed US 15 HD reels recessed into the hardtop with swivel roller tips to provide the ultimate pulling power. The final part of the project was to install 43’ Rupp outriggers at just the right angle to insure the ultimate layout for their bait positions. We are proud to have the “Trophy Box” team fishing our product in the most prestigious big game locations in the world.

Side Profile
57'c Spencer Yachts
Spencer Yachts / 57' - 0"
This re-fit that PBT completed on this 57' Spencer was a great little project to work on. We mounted a traditional style hardtop and frame with the front legs going down to the front of the bridge, to give it that full tower look. The hardtop received (4) teaser reels, LED navigation lights, LED clip in tri-colored lights, our large radar pod to hold the teaser reels and the underside of painted Satin Blue.
side view
57'c Island Boat Works
Island Boat Works / 57' - 0"
This fully refurbished 57'c Island Boat Works boat "CowPoke" was finished in March 2015 and is located at its home port in Fort Pierce, FL. This was an 8' gap polish pipe tower with a 60" belly ring up top. The tower also received our 53" control box, stationary recessed electronics box, (2) sets of teaser reels, LED lighting, painted undersides to fiberglass, upper section of tower blacked out and new Rupp "Bigg Riggs" 43'- 3 spreader riggers. We also built the bridge ladder and handrails per the customer request.
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57'c Dean Johnson
Dean Johnson / 57' - 0"
This re-fit 6' gap tower came complete with our low profile radar pod, nav lights, color painted undersides to the fiberglass and a stationary radio box on the underside of the hardtop. We also modified the existing outriggers to match our tower after mounting.
After seeing the tower, the owner made a final request, that we design and build a custom scuba tank teak seat that is removable and collapsible for storage. It is to be mounted on the inside covering board of the cockpit.
Side Profile
58'c Caison "Overdose"
Caison Yachts / 58' - 0"
Side Profile
58'c Whiticar
Whiticar Boat Works / 58' - 0"
This re-fit hardtop frame replaced a full tower that was originally installed on the boat. We installed a truss style frame with our fixed stationary recessed box, teaser reels, nav lights, large stepped radar pod, LED spreader lights and aft legs down to the gunnel. We also installed the aft legs down to the gunnel.
Side profile running
58'c Weaver Boat Works
Weaver Boat Works / 58' - 0"
This has a custom hardtop frame and hardtop with the aft legs down to the gunnel. Comes with slider teaser lid, nav lights, low profile radar pod and a stationary radio box.
Side Profile
58' Paul Mann "Alina"
Paul Mann / 58' - 0"
PBT installed a single perimeter rail with aft leg truss frame made of polished pipe on this Paul Mann boat. We also mounted 41'- 3 spreader Rupp "Big Rigg" outriggers, our large stepped radar pod with the aft section cut out for the 24" SAT tv dome and several LED lights. On the underside of the hardtop, (2) sets of teaser reels were installed as well as our standar drop down box.
Aft view dock
58'c Taylor Made
Taylor Made / 58' - 0"
This custom Taylor Made refit received a single perimeter rail with a ladder style frame. The hardtop received our curved sliding teaser door, stationary recessed electronics box, LED down lighting, LED spreader lights aft, nav lights, radar pod and SAT tv dome. As for the riggers we installed new 41'-3 spreader outriggers.
Side Profile
60'c Merritt
"Ships Cafe"
Merritt’s / 60' - 0"
PBT removed the "Ships Cafe" original tower and installed a new custom tower for long time avid angler Pete Boinis. Pete has owned and rigged over twenty prestigious sportfish yachts and chose the detailed team of PBT for his latest project of a total makeover of his 60'c Merritt. This 8' gap tower was designed to flow with the traditional lines of this Merritt with providing a super clean modern look to the tower. A custom bridge rail and ladder were constructed together and welded to the tower per the owners specs. The custom hardtop included recessed teaser reels, LED tri-colored lights, molded LED NAV lights and was finished off with a super gloss Imron Snow White Paint. PBT's own bridge LED spreader lights were integrated into the modern molded platform and new Rupp hydraulic outriggers were installed to provide the ultimate fishing package for Pete.
Side Profile View from Dock
60'c Jim Smith
Jim Smith / 60' - 0"
This 8' gap polished pipe tower was mounted on the side of bridge for both the front and aft legs. It also received a 50" control box, tri-colored lights, sliding teaser reel door and remounted the existing outriggers.
Side Profile
61'c Garlington "Tough Catch"
Garlington Yachts / 61' - 0"
We Retro-fitted this 61'c Garlington with an 8' gap polished pipe tower. The front legs went to the top of the house, painted sunshade, painted control box and all outside bracing. We also added a few custom handrails to the underside of the hardtop for t
Side profile on dock
62' Weaver Boat Works "Miss Scarlet"
Weaver Boat Works / 62' - 0"
This Weaver boat received an 8' gap tower with polished pipe, tri-colored lights, slider teaser reel door, NEW PBT radar pod and large drop down box. We also mounted 41' Bigg Riggs with rigger locks and mounted custom handrails around salon windows.
Side Profile Dock
62'c Spencer
"Marlin Darlin"
Spencer Yachts / 62' - 0"
Once again PBT took its tower install crew on the road to Spencer Yachts in NC to install a 7'-6" gap tower on the New 62'c "Marlin Darlin". We installed all of our newest features on the boat from our curved pipe, to recessed electronics box in the hardtop, tri colored LED lights, 53" control box and LED spreader lights. To keep the reflection down while up in the tower we painted the sunshade frame and top of the control box Satin Black. We also installed a set of 43'- 3 spreader outriggers on the boat as well.
Aft View Compare
63' Merritt "Sierra Hotel"
Merritt’s / 63' - 0"
This 9' Gap tower came several options including a built in bridge ladder to the aft bridge rail of the tower, low profile radar pod with slider teaser reel asembly and a Merritt style pedestal/control box combo.
Side Profile
63'c Weaver
Weaver Boat Works / 63' - 0"
We installed an 8' gap tower with a custom aft bridge rail, west coast style bowrail, bridge mounted 36'-3 spreader Rupp outriggers and a custom bridge ladder. They also received tri-colored LED lights, drop down electronics box and a 60" control box.
Side Profile
64'c Weaver Boat Works "Southern Pride"
Weaver Boat Works / 64' - 0"
This 64'c 10' gap tower received our new coupler box on the platform, recessed teaser reels under the sunshade and our 63" control box. It also received 43'-3 spreader outriggers and aft legs turned into the cockpit wing for mounting.
Forward Perspective View
64'c Weaver Boat Works "Cyntinory"
Weaver Boat Works / 64' - 0"
This is a 9' gap tower with 43'- 3 spreader outriggers and a double rail hardtop perimeter rail. The hardtop is fit with a slider teaser reel, drop down box, Release Marine custom grommets, painted light green underside and several other items.
Forward Running View
64'c Bayliss Boat Works "Man-e-War"
Bayliss Boat Works / 64' - 0"
This Bayliss boat received a 9ft gap tower with the aft main legs into the side of the cockpit wing, (4) teaser reels in the hardtop and a larger sliding teaser reel bracket door.
Side Profile
64' F&S Boat Works Express
"Full Throttle"
F&S Boat Works / 64' - 0"
This speedy 64’ express “Full Throttle” that was built by F&S boat works was quite an exiting project to work on. From the beginning we knew this boat was going to run over 50 knots, so we worked closely with Jim Floyd to make sure every mounting point for the tower was reinforced and built with the most high tech materials available. In working with the F&S team and their 3D CAD models along with our 3D tower designs, we were able to set the exact location of every brace and pad, before the boat was built. Making it very efficient for the builder The 6’ gap tower was built using polish pipe with 3” front legs and 2 ½” pipe for the aft legs. This really streamlined the look of the tower as we built around the larger pipe on the boat. The tower received (5) spreader lights on the underside of the platform, tri-colored LED lights, hydraulic outriggers mounted on the hardtop , our 63” control box, which fit the large 15” Garmin display, (12) rod holders on aft legs and rocket launcher between inner legs and blacked out the upper section of the tower.

Side Profile View
65' Mann Boat Works "D.A. SEA"
Paul Mann / 65' - 0"
PBT installed a custom hardtop and truss style frame with the aft legs of the frame turning into the side of the house for a less cluttered look.
Side Profile
65'c Holton "Tarheel"
Holton Custom Yachts / 65' - 0"
This is an 8' Gap tower with slider teaser reel, drop down radio box and the underside of the fiberglass parts painted to match the hull. The rigger were reinstalled after the new tower was mounted.
Side Profile
65'c Island Boat Works "Jester"
Island Boat Works / 65' - 0"
This is an 9' Gap, 43'- 3 spreader outrigger with the front legs mounted to the top of the house, just forward of the bridge.
Aft Perspective
65' Bayliss Boat Works
"Lights Out"
Bayliss Boat Works / 65' - 0"
PBT installed a 9' Gap polished pipe tower on this 65' Bayliss. Some of the towers features include a stationary recessed hardtop electronics box, 63" control box, easy access aft cut outs in the platform, tri-colored LED lights, LED spreader lights and nav lights. We also installed customer supplied outriggers and built a bridge ladder for the boat.

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