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Stepped Radar Pod
None Selected / 0' - 0"
This larger style radar pod will fit our slider teaser reel bracket for (2) or (4) US9 reels, plus have room for a drop down box or fixed recessed radio box.
Express Style Radar Pod
None Selected / 0' - 0"
PBT uses this radar pod mainly on express style boat/towers because the radar wedge is mounted aft toward the middle of the hardtop. And the teaser bracket fwd to line up with the bridge console.
Rounded Radar Pod
None Selected / 0' - 0"
This pod will hold both our slider teaser bracket and electronics drop down box.
Low Profile "Gulley" Radar Pod
None Selected / 0' - 0"
With this radar pod you can install a push style teaser reel lid and/or a slider teaser reel bracket.
Top View of Rod Locker on Express hardtop
Hardtop Rod Locker
None Selected / 0' - 0"
This hardtop rod locker can be used on certain express boats and convertibles depending on the size of the hardtop. The locker will hold the rod and reels with owner supplied rack system.

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