Tower and Hardtop Standard Features
Palm Beach Towers leads the industry with cutting-edge designs and components that keep pace with the modern styles of today’s ever changing yachting industry. All of our hardtops and tower platforms feature curved and crowned perimeter rails which seamle
Types of Tower Styles
Express & Marlin Towers
Convertible & Enclosed Bridge Towers
Hardtop Frames
West Coast Style
Side Profile
Aft Perspective
60'c Viking
  Please see more photos of this boat in our Gallery.
Custom T-tops
Side Profile
28' B&D
Side Profile
34' Venture
Side Profile
34' Willis Marine
EZ2CY or Strata Glass Enclosures
Flangeless Powder Coated Track
Tower Control Box Cover
Standard Belly Band or Upgrade to Rybo style Belly Band
Sunfly Cover with Poles or Pins in Transoms
Strata Glass Windscreen
  Control box to Sunshade Perimeter Rail
Cockpit Sunshades
Fixed Cockpit Shade
Flip Up Cockpit Shade 3/4 or Full Length
Removable Cockpit Visor
  Attaches to Rod Holders
Full Cockpit Luever Shade
Hydraulic Outriggers
  Locking System
Layout Only
Multi-Action (Layout and back)
Enclosed or Convertible Mounting
  Bigg Riggs or Tournament Edition
Halyard Grommets for Gunnel
  With or Without Jam Cleats
Release Marine Teaser Line Swivel Guides
  For installation in hardtop fiberglass.
Custom Metal Work & Repairs
Bow Rails
  3 Stanchion
4 Stanchion
To front of Deckhouse
California Style
Hand and Grab Rails
Bridge and Engine Room Ladders
Bridge Rails
All Tower Repairs
  Broken Pipe, Bent or Damaged Pipe and Welds Cracked.
Swim ladder
Top View Swim Ladder
Swim ladder
PBT Swim Ladders
  You can purchse one of PBT's custom swim ladders that come with S/S sockets for the deck, a fabric carrying bag and a foldable ladder.

We also make custom ladders per the customers request and/or designs that they may have.

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